Dating Anxiety

We can all probably agree that relationships are sometimes a tricky business at all times. You tell yourself that dating is not a big deal yet you still stress out about it from time to time. This may be alarming for you but it is actually a good thing because this is a sign that you care so much about finding a partner that you let yourself get wound up, this anticipation can be a healthy anxiety that causing you to propel outside your comfort zone, as worst experiences comes with one gleaming silver lining.

There is “anxiety” and then there is “dating anxiety”. Simplest task can seem like an unconquerable challenge for people who are living with this disorder. Something that you have said in a conversion would be stuck in your mind while the other person doesn’t really mind it, immediately going straight to worse-case scenarios when you hit a bump in the road while driving, thinking  all these illogical thoughts make complete sense to you to the point that you think that these are even destined to happen until someone would offer you a different kind of perspective that you would realize how irrational you were being in the first place.

What is Dating Anxiety and How to Deal with It

Dating anxiety doesn’t really differs from the usual anxiety some people are experiencing. And to cope up with this, first is you have to be optimistic and an open-minded. Within social situation, get yourself more focus on the positive possibilities. Any judgment, concern, and doubts should be suspended and you should try not to read in to stuff negatively. Do not serve your own assumptions, beliefs, or any thoughts over the happenings on the table, rather, just enjoy the moment and observe the great parts, notice the smiles, laughs, good jokes, and interesting ideas.

Focus on people and learn something new from them. Try to listen to what your potential partner are saying. You should focus on communicating with them instead of getting stuck on your own thoughts because this will help you relieve everything. Everyone has a unique perspective to share that might be a help when you are experiencing these panic attacks. Communication is the key and has always been be. This way, you are not only talking to your significant other to get to calm yourself, but also, you are getting to them like who they are and where they coming from. Through this, you could also have fun together. Asking both questions and sharing positive opinions, offering something about yourselves.

Admit your anxiety. You shouldn’t be keeping this from your partner as telling this to them could help you and at the same time them to understand you and what you’ve been going through. Trying to hide it would only cost you not enjoying every good moment that could happen. Dating experiences, mostly when you’re still on the starting point, can result in a lot of anticipatory anxiety, that why learning and practicing relaxation techniques or how to cope up with it in a period of time is a must. People have different way of coping up, that’s why you should get out of your bubble and discover things such as trying to practice deep breathing, mindfulness meditation, or even in artistic ways such as writing a journal to deal with your panic attack when it comes to dating.

You might have tried it all, but among of them all, if you don’t feel that it is really working and couldn’t see any differences, try to give yourself a break and don’t beat yourself up just to overcome it as soon as possible. Take it slow and try to do it next time after all the courageous thing that you have done.